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Назва: Morphometric and histochemical characteristics of the cribriform type of intraductal carcinoma of the mammary gland
Автори: Nikolenko, D. Ye.
Boiko, D. M.
Shkurupii, O. A.
Ovcharenko, O. V.
Ніколенко, Дмитро Євгенійович
Бойко, Дмитро Миколайович
Шкурупій, Олександр Анатолійович
Овчаренко, Оксана Василівна
Дата публікації: 2019
Видавець: Wydawnictwo Aluna
Бібліографічний опис: Morphometric and histochemical characteristics of the cribriform type of intraductal carcinoma of the mammary gland / D. Y. Nikolenko, D. M. Boiko, O. A. Shkurupii, O. V. Ovcharenko // Wiadomości Lekarskie. – 2019. – T. LXXII, nr. 5 cz. I. – P. 748–752.
Короткий огляд (реферат): Introduction: Due to the increasing morbidity and mortality rates from breast cancer, the problem of early, especially morphological diagnosis, continues to be important. The aim of this study to investigate the karyometric and histochemical features of cribriform pattern of parenchyma of intraductal carcinoma of the mammary gland. Materials and methods: Operational and biopsy material was studied in form of serial sections of micropreparations of cribriform type intraductal carcinoma of the mammary gland. Fixation with 10% neutral formalin, paraffin sections are stained with hematoxylin and eosin, complex Bergman + Periodic Acid - Schiff (PAS) reaction + alcyan blue. Cariometry was performed on 100 parenchymal tumor cell, tenth logarithms of the nucleus volume (LgV) were determined, kariocavirogram was constructed. Results: The atypical cellular polymorphism of the tumor, cribriform structures with cancerous cells in the state of apoptosis was revealed. The modal nuclear classes are defined in the interval LgV 0,75; 0,9; 1,2; 1,45, and do not comply with the law of rhythmic growth of nuclei in normal and confirm the cellular atypism of a cancerous tumor. Results are deprived of subjectivity through mathematical analysis of data in percentages (%). Histochemically, in the cytoplasm of cancer cells, precursors of lipids were detected in the form of a Schiff (PAS) positive reaction; alcyan-positive basal membrane of the duct; Bergman-positive protein structures in the nuclei. Conclusions: Cariometry and histochemical analysis of intraductal carcinoma of the mammary gland is an objective and accessible complex method for the analysis of atypical cells, reveals the degree of differentiation, apoptosis of cells and non-invasive stage of cancer.
Ключові слова: morphometry
cribriform type
duct cancer
mammary gland
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