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Назва: Clinical-morphological characteristics and peculiarities of treatment of paraururicular fistulas in children
Автори: Tkachenko, P. I.
Starchenko, I. I.
Bilokon, S. O.
Popelo, Yu. V.
Lokhmatova, N. M.
Dolenko, O. B.
Korotych, N. M.
Hohol, A. M.
Bilokon, N. P.
Ткаченко, Павло Іванович
Старченко, Іван Іванович
Білоконь, Сергій Олександрович
Попело, Юлія Вікторівна
Лохматова, Наталія Михайлівна
Доленко, Ольга Борисівна
Коротич, Наталія Миколаївна
Гоголь, Андрій Михайлович
Білоконь, Наталія Павлівна
Дата публікації: 2020
Видавець: Wydawnictwo Aluna
Бібліографічний опис: Clinical-morphological characteristics and peculiarities of treatment of paraururicular fistulas in children / P. I. Tkachenko, I. I. Starchenko, S. O. Bilokon [et al.] // Wiadomosci Lekarskie. – 2020. – Vol. LXXIII, Issue 6. – P. 1184–1188.
Короткий огляд (реферат): The aim: Determining the frequency of occurrence of paraauricular fistula in children and comparing the results of their own experience regarding their clinical manifestations, treatment principles and morphological features with existing scientific data. Materials and methods: The results of a comprehensive examination and surgical treatment of 25 children with paraauricular fistulas. Results: Most often, para-auricular fistula was observed in infants 22 – (88%). In 18 persons (72%), they were unilateral, in 10 – (40%) hereditary. In 8 – (32%), fistula was diagnosed immediately after birth. In 17 – (68%) the pathology was not clinically manifested, but was an accidental finding during the next medical examination. Morphological research has shown that congenital paraauricular fistula is a formed canal intimately associated with the epithelium and cartilage, and the presence of epithelial lining on the fistula wall with constant support of the inflammatory process makes it impossible to heal even against the background of multicomponent treatment. Conclusions: Due to the topographic-anatomical localization, features of the clinic of the born fistula, surgical treatment does not always allow to achieve the desired results, and requires repeated interventions during recurrence. It is possible to prevent recurrence by the extensive use of additional diagnostic manipul
Ключові слова: children
paraauricular fistulas
clinical manifestations
DOI: DOI: 10.36740/WLek202006120
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