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Поле DCЗначенняМова
dc.contributor.authorSolovyova, N. V.-
dc.contributor.authorKuznetsova, T.-
dc.contributor.authorСоловйова, Наталія Веніамінівна-
dc.identifier.citationKuznetsova T. Y. The study of anti-radical activity of endooxidant when interacting with free radicals / T. Y. Kuznetsova, N. V. Solovyova // Materiały XII Międzynarodowej Naukowi-Praktycznej Konferencji. − 2016. − Vol. 11. − P. 71–76.uk_UA
dc.identifier.otherУДК 978-966-8736-05-6-
dc.description.abstractTo decrease the negative effect of free oxygen radicals on a living organism practical medicine widely uses endogenous oxidants since they take part in the system of human organism protection from the aggressive action of free radicals, for example [1-2]. The lack of systematic investigations, especially at the molecular level, of antiradical activity of various antioxidants under their interaction with free radicals in biological systems not only determines availability of contradictory estimates in interpretation of the results of experimental regularities [3-5] but also creates difficulties in development of general ideas concerning the mechanisms of interaction of antioxidants with free radicals and purposeful approach to the control of these processes which are applied to medical practice [6, 7]. The above said actualizes studying the antiradical activity of various antioxidants.uk_UA
dc.publisherSp. z.o.o. "Nauka i studia"uk_UA
dc.subjectanti-radical activityuk_UA
dc.subjectfree radicalsuk_UA
dc.titleThe study of anti-radical activity of endooxidant when interacting with free radicalsuk_UA
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