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dc.contributor.authorKolomiets, S.-
dc.contributor.authorUdaltsova, K.-
dc.contributor.authorKhmil, T.-
dc.contributor.authorYelinska, A.-
dc.contributor.authorPisarenko, O.-
dc.contributor.authorShynkevych, V.-
dc.contributor.authorКоломієць, Світлана Веніамінівна-
dc.contributor.authorУдальцова, Кристина Олександрівна-
dc.contributor.authorХміль, Тетяна Андріївна-
dc.contributor.authorЄлінська, Аліна Миколаївна-
dc.contributor.authorПисаренко, Олена Анатоліївна-
dc.contributor.authorШинкевич, Вікторія Ігорівна-
dc.identifier.citationDifculties in Diagnosis of Sialolithiasis: A Case Series / S. Kolomiiets, K. Udaltsova, T. Khmil [et al.] // Bull Tokyo Dent Coll. – 2018. – Vol. 59 (1). – P. 53–58.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractSialolithiasis is one of the most common and extensively obstructive disorders of the major salivary glands. Here, we report 3 cases of sialolithiasis in the submandibular salivary gland showing symptomatic similarities to other dental and non-dental disorders of the maxillofacial area. How the various clinical features of this condition and fndings on 3D-CT may lead to a misdiagnosis are also discussed. In the frst case, that of a 45-year-old woman, a fnal diagnosis of a non-radiopaque submandibular sialolith allowed the initially indicated surgical extraction of a malerupted and semi-impacted right mandibular 3rd molar to be abandoned. In the second case, that of a 57-year-old woman, radiographic fndings had previously led to a diagnosis of ameloblastoma, which had masked the presence of sialolithiasis for at least 9 years, despite the radiopacity of the sialolith. Meanwhile, exacerbation of sialolithiasis was mistaken for lymphadenitis. In the third case, that of a 40-year-old woman, sialolithiasis was diagnosed in a timely manner, despite the fact that the dentists’ attention had initially been focused on odontopathological symptoms. One feature of the present report is the concurrence of dental and non-dental pathologies affecting the same sextant as the sialolithiasis. Despite recent advances in imaging technology and diagnostics, cases of sialolithiasis being misdiagnosed continue to occur inclinical practice.uk_UA
dc.publisherTokyo Shika Daigakuuk_UA
dc.subjectSubmandibular salivary glanduk_UA
dc.titleDifculties in Diagnosis of Sialolithiasis: A Case Seriesuk_UA
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